19.27 GB Sukeban Deka II Shoujo Tekkamen Densetsu Files: 42
  Name Size Download
  09. Onyanko Club, All Hands On Deck!!.mp4 460.07 MB download  
  10. Yukino, A Tearful Tale of Young Love.mp4 402.34 MB download  
  11. The Leader of Shadow Unveiled.mp4 434.52 MB download  
  12. King Bee, Okyo's Lullaby.mp4 477.38 MB download  
  13. A Battle of Silvery White! Panic at the Ski Slopes.mp4 479.78 MB download  
  14. Saki in Danger! The Kyosha Seven Assassins.mp4 433.80 MB download  
  15 Yukino at Death's Door! Saki's Wrathful Attack.mp4 436.07 MB download  
  16 .Tragic Bullets! Saki is Shot.mp4 426.49 MB download  
  17. Powers are Slipping! Destroy The Leader of Shadows.mp4 497.60 MB download  
  18. Saki Enrolls in an All Boys High School! The Delinquents High School!!.mp4 468.41 MB download  
  19. Portside Duel! Saki vs The Surfer Gang.mp4 484.06 MB download  
  1. The Mysterious Iron Masked Sukeban Appears!.mp4 469.00 MB download  
  20. Marble Match of Love and Sorrow.mp4 470.43 MB download  
  21. The Onyanko Club in Danger.mp4 552.34 MB download  
  22. Ah! Saki the Great's Beautiful Cheering Squad.mp4 556.15 MB download  
  23. Saki is My Life! Love Story of Two Delinquents.mp4 552.10 MB download  
  24. Saki Is A Suspect! Saki The Murderer.mp4 526.22 MB download  
  25. Escapes From Terror! Saki Lives Twice.mp4 502.50 MB download  
  26. OKyo vs Okyo! To the Darkness! The Mysterious Masked Girl.mp4 511.78 MB download  
  27. Yukino Returns! I Can't Wait Until Dark.mp4 420.63 MB download  
  28. Overthrow Saki! The Delinquent Female Trio.mp4 474.01 MB download  
  29. Special Recap Episode - Traces of Love Seen Amid Days of Fighting.mp4 416.89 MB download  
  2. Defeat the Kung Fu Club!.mp4 421.14 MB download  
  30. The Return of The Leader of Shadow.mp4 490.20 MB download  
  31. Saki Knocked Out! The Pressure Point Strike .mp4 437.40 MB download  
  32. Desperate Battle! Target the Counter-Point.mp4 491.47 MB download  
  33. Metamorphosis! Saki the Villain.mp4 467.11 MB download  
  34. Saki gets bitten! Yukino and Kyoko Under Attack.mp4 561.43 MB download  
  35. Revealed !! Dreadful Secret of the Iron Mask.mp4 483.89 MB download  
  36. The Iron Mask - Stolen! Saki's Uncertain Future.mp4 511.55 MB download  
  37. The Man In Black Rose Mansion - Is Father Alive!.mp4 494.25 MB download  
  38. The Secret Revealed Saki and Leader's Origins.mp4 470.56 MB download  
  39. When Heaven and Earth Sound Out The Iron Mask is Revealed.mp4 459.67 MB download  
  3. Enter Okyo of the Marbles.mp4 440.19 MB download  
  40. Saki's Sorrow Kyoshiro Dies For Love.mp4 506.93 MB download  
  41. Defiant! Saki, Yukino and Okyo's Final Deadly Battle.mp4 493.01 MB download  
  42. The Girl in the Iron Mask - Conclusion Farewell, Saki the Second.mp4 515.03 MB download  
  4. The Bell for a Duel Tolls at Noon.mp4 425.43 MB download  
  5. Crush the Elite Auction Council!.mp4 342.55 MB download  
  6. Storms of Why! The Secrets Behind the Iron Mask.mp4 399.72 MB download  
  7. The Second Saki is a Christian!.mp4 427.71 MB download  
  8. Onyanko vs The Mysterious DJ.mp4 441.60 MB download