Last Updated: 2014-09-09

This section reflects our Company ("we", "us") privacy policies ("Policy") that pertains to all identifiable information we have collected, disclosed and used with reference to accessing our website's products and services ("Service"). We are laying down the Policy for you to make a sound decision regarding how, what, when, where and why you should use our Service.

This Policy will be updated from time to time in instances when changes are deemed necessary and applicable. We will notify you of changes we make through the "Last Updated" section found above this page. Any material updated will be sent to your registered email address with us. You can also see such notice of updates in this site and will be posted before the change will become effective. We then entice you to read this Policy every now and then to see these changes and likewise to have a clearer picture of how we value your privacy as our users.

I. Definition of Personal Information

For the purposes of this Policy, the phrase "personal information" would refer to data providing specific personal information about the user's identity. This would include the name, email address and registered user name of the person or entity transacting with us. This could also encompass all necessary information linked to the user's identity. It will not include though those details that pertain to 'aggregate' information. These are different sets of data collected by this site for the Service. This Policy neither restricts nor limits us from collecting aggregate data.

II. Type of Information We Collect

We collect data we need in two ways:

  1. Active Collection – This is a collection method that is done in a wide range of ways once you make use of our Service. This would basically include your name, birthdate, email address, performance-related data, social network information and all other personal information you have given us during your use of our Service. All other data pertinent to your use of our Service is also included. Such collection is made through:
    Voluntary means like those you send through email;
    Access you have provided us.
  2. Passive Collection – This pertains to information automatically collected once you make use of our Service. This will be more of the operating system you used, your browser type, referring website's URL or web address, IP address and even the activities you made to avail of our Service. Server logs like those that describe how you have used the Service features as well as all other logistical data will also be passively collected. Information regarding the length and frequency for each session will also be collected. We also make use of website cookies to automatically collect data. These cookies refer to small information files that have been stored via your PC's hard drive. Cookies are used to help improve the site's Service and will definitely boil down to a better website experience for you as our users. In case cookies are linked to personal information, we shall treat it in like manner. You can also block or erase cookies depending on your browser settings. Removing cookies or rejecting the use of one will give you restricted access to our Service. Take note though that using such cookies by affiliate parties or partners will not be covered in this Policy. We are not allowed access to these types of cookies.
  3. Other Ways We Collect User Information. We may also be given the charity to make use of Web beacon or other similar technologies for better access to our Service. These will not be linked to your personal information that you have given us. Web beacons, as a technology, should refer to invisible, minute graphics that are usually used to access the Service and may also come in the form of emails that relate to our Service. These Web beacons help gather aggregate statistics pertaining to whether you have opened the email we sent you as well as counts the number of visitors we have in our website. We may need to store or process some of your personal information in countries other than ours, the United States included.

III. How Are Collected Information Utilised?

We use personal information for all purposes expressed through this Policy. Specifically, we use them as follows:

  1. Complete deals or transaction connected with the use of the Service or applicable Apps;
  2. Request feedback from our users for the Service as well as these Apps;
  3. Respond to emails, comments, requests, questions and complaints;
  4. Render better customer service to users;
  5. Monitor how our Service is utilised;
  6. Identify specific needs of certain users;
  7. Improve our services according to personalised needs of consumers;
  8. Improve user experience in connection with the Service;
  9. Increase functionality for our Service ensuring user-friendly interface;
  10. Continuously send updates, additional information, confirmation and security alerts regarding our goods and services;
  11. Facilitate user's experience in the administration, operation and the use of our Service; and
  12. Notify you of important updates we have made to the Service.

We will only make use of your registered email address in marketing information connected to the Service.

IV. Personal Information Shared with Third Party Users

We will never share personal information we gathered from you in connection with your use of our Service to others, including third-party users. We may need to share information you allow us to share with them though. Examples of such instances are information shared:

  1. With consultants, vendors or all other service providers like: credit card companies billing you for the use of our Service; email service providers who are tasked to send emails in our name ("Service Providers"); and forum providers who are tasked in hosting public forums for our site. We make sure that we only share information you allow us to and those that will only help in delivering our Service to you;
  2. Through your consent such as when we need to notify you about our Service and changes we have made thereupon;
  3. In aggregated versions or those that do not make direct identification of you;
  4. In lawful circumstances wherein we are authorised to share such information so that we can comply with legal processes as well as respond to any lawful requests made such as those pertaining to warrants, subpoenas and/or court orders;
  5. In instances of good faith wherein we are allowed by law to exercise our rights to protect our Company, other users, copyright owners, our employees, third parties or even the public especially in fraudulent, inappropriate and abusive use of our Service;
  6. In enforcing this Policy and all other policies, agreements and terms found in this website; and
  7. In cases of merger, negotiations, sale, acquisition, financing and/or other situations where your personal information should be shared as part of our company's assets.

We would like to reiterate that your use of our Service allows other users to access your information through the Service, by using our Service and via data you shared to third parties making use of the Service. In some instances, your personal information may also be made publicly available.

We will not be held liable for any action made by third parties or other Service Providers and we will not be responsible for all other information you provide them. In this regard, we advise you to be more familiar with all privacy practises connected to third-party transactions prior to disclosing data to these third-parties. There are no restrictions made as to aggregated data given off to third-parties without asking for your consent.

V. Access to Personal Information

Should you need to update, correct or delete your personal information with us, you can do so either by accessing your account profile or by sending us an email via our Customer Services Department at ( Your request will be made available to you within thirty (2) days. You can also contact us if you want to delete an unauthorised profile that has been registered with our Service. All other necessary personal information you wish to retain will be retained for your continued use of the Service and when you make sure that your account with us is still active. We shall also retain such information for legal issues such as resolving disputes, complying with legal obligations and enforcing our contract.

VI. Links to Third-Party Websites

Our Service may need links to third-party websites. All personal information you share with such websites shall be subject to their respective privacy policies. This Policy will not in any way be connected to their policies therefore we will not be responsible for the content of such policies coming from these third-party websites. We want you to make sure you read the third-party privacy policies before giving them your personal information.

VII. How We Protect Your Personal Information Online

We exhaust all efforts to protect you and your personal information. We exercise all measures that will help prevent misuse, loss and unauthorised access of your personal information. We will not in any way use your information for disclosure, destruction and alteration.

Despite all the efforts we use though, we would want to remind you that our system may not be perfect thus you should keep all your information confidential. Keep your passwords to yourselves and never disclose them to other people. Once you have registered with us, you are held responsible for uses made on our Service, either by you or other persons who have accessed your account in any way possible. Please inform us at once if you feel that your account has been jeopardised. Feel free to contact us through our email address if you want to know more about our website's security.

VIII. Advertisers

We may need a third-party for advertising our services on their webpages. They make use of Web beacons and at the same time make use of programmes that will log non-personal information related to activities you made in connection with our Service. This information will be used to render targeted advertising that will suit your best interest whilst using the Service.

IX. Social Media Services

Our Service, from time to time, may be enhanced by Social Media services like widgets and buttons. Such buttons include but are not limited to Widgets, Facebook Like and Share This. All other interactive programmes that help run this website may also be included in this list. Such features will collect IP address and will gather information on which pages you visit whilst using our site. This may set some cookies to enable such services to make them function appropriately. These widgets, buttons and special features are either hosted through this website or by third-parties. Any interaction you make using these features will be governed by respective privacy policies of the companies providing it.

X. Your Options for Use of Personal Information

You can opt to unsubscribe from our newsletters, marketing materials and promotional services. Simply follow instructions you receive through these emails or email us at Once you opt out though, you will continue to receive emails from us but these ones will be all about our business relations and are definitely account-related.

XI. Queries

For your questions regarding this Policy, feel free to contact through Customer Support at