Security Agreement endeavours to provide security as part of our commitment to our consumers. Our platform has then been designed with an emphasis on data integration and administration control to put your security in place. This ensures that we will never favour unauthorised access to your personal information. We keep your data secure at all levels using the following:

For Hardware Security

For a fully secured hardware, we have the following measures in place:

For Software Security

Whilst we protect our properties, we also protect data that belongs to our consumers. As part of our security measures, in this regard, we make sure that our Database servers, where your data resides, are secured using multiple firewalls. We also ensure that your data is not made accessible from the Net. All operators are advised to utilise our application servers for data access. These servers only provide access to those with log-in names and passwords to our database. We use a secured 256-bit encrypted connection.

For Data Security

We regularly backup our database thus ensuring safety and accuracy of all information used and hosted via our servers. Please request removal of information in our database at any time you feel appropriate.

Restricted access

Search engine robots are not allowed to scan our pages. Likewise, scanning our pages using the robots.txt format is strictly prohibited.

Service Level Agreement

This particular part of our agreement explains better ways to understand our support services. We would like to reiterate though that these terms are limited simply because we have our Technical Support Team to answer your queries at any given time. We are a company working 24/7 and we believe that you should be given the best services, support services included, at all times.

These policies are set to help you understand our services and for us to understand your actual needs for our services. With our Technical Support Team, we endeavour to deliver high quality services. Our team also includes individuals who are experienced enough to answer all your requests.

We update this particular section from time to time to prove that we are committed in making our services better. This has been prepared by our Technical Support Department and has been checked by people from the Quality Assurance Team. We welcome your comments, queries and suggestions at all times.

Persons Covered by This Agreement

This agreement was made for the use of all members of our Company's community as well as all types of users – premium, non-premium, registered and non-registered.

How to Contact Us

Kindly channel your queries, comments and suggestions to the Technical Support Department at our email address We will get back to your concerns pertaining to call requests, copyright infringement as well as abuse reports and troubleshooting.

Operation Hours

Trust that we will get back to you at any time of the day – we are available for your queries, comments and suggestion 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round. We will not be available during public holidays though. Please contact us Mondays to Fridays at your most convenient time.

Responsibilities When Making Requests From Us

We encourage you to read our FAQ section before contacting us for your concerns. Answers to some of your queries are found in that part of our site. When you have not found your answers in that section, however, you can contact our Technical Support Department (refer to Contact Us page or to the "How to Contact Us" section of this agreement). We also request that you provide us with the following information so we can facilitate your requests: